Nano Coffee

Nano Coffee™ Energy - 1 Box
30 Packets - Total of 60 Tablets
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Nano Coffee™ Energy - 3 Boxes
90 Packets - Total of 180 Tablets
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About Us

The Nano Coffee™ Energy Story
"Once Upon a Coffee Bean"*

Once upon a time, coffee was the staple of life. It's ability to energize the other wise lethargic population made it the swill of choice. As delish as it was, there were some inevitable challenges that came along with drinking it. The energy burst was fleeting, and eventually lead to the dreaded "coffee crash," (also known, "my get up and go has got up and gone").

So...once upon a time, one cup was often not enough.

Thus "P.P.S. (Perpetual Pee Syndrome)," was an annoying side effect. For those who liked their coffee with flavor, calories were yet still another issue. Most wanted an energy boost without packing on the pounds. College students, club goers, truck drivers, travelers, and the work out crowd, all relied on this magic liquid for their much needed energy boosts despite the drawbacks. Saving the day, Stuart Product Consumer Labs created Nano CoffeeTM Energy. A nutritional supplement tablet, that contains about as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, PLUS powerful energizing nutrients. Long lasting energy without the crash, AND no more searching for your local Port-O-Let! No more does an energy supplement have to be a "bladder buster."

And here's the bonus, when we say, "stop and smell the coffee," we mean it!! You'll smell coffee in every Nano Coffee™ Energy tablet supplement. Nano Coffee™ Energy, changing the way the world re-energizes.

The Revolution has begun. Nano CoffeeTM is the product of extensive research into the needs of individuals looking to their boost energy. Stuart Consumer Product Labs have been pioneering leaders in cutting edge nutrition lifestyle products. Nano Coffee ingredients have been extensively researched and specifically designed to work synergistically together to quickly give you instant, long last energy, without the crash later, while supplying you with Endurance, Performance, and Stamina. Jan Stuart, the President of Stuart Consumer Product Labs, has been featured in Wall Street Journal; NY Times Business Day; USA Today; NY Post; Newsday; NY Daily News; Indianapolis Star; Buffalo News; Arkansas Gazette; Miami Herald; Dallas Times Herald; Arizona Republic; Tempe Daily News; Phoenix Gazette; Sioux City Journal; Charleston Daily; Denver Post; Baton-Rouge State Times; San Jose Mercury News; Hartford Courant Gazette; Virginia Pilot; Birmingham News; Detroit Free Press; Huntsville Times; Chattanooga Times; Boston Globe; Las Vegas Sun; Tampa Tribune; Salt Lake City Tribune; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Cincinnati Post; Minneapolis Star and Tribune; LA Times; Chicago Tribune; The London Key; Milwaukee Journal; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Philadelphia Enquirer; Chicago Sun-Times; and the Houston Post.

Jan had feature articles in the following magazines: Success; People; Manhattan Inc.; Playboy; Penthouse; Essence; GQ; Exercise; Esquire; In Style; Signature; EM; Players; Harper's Bazaar; Savvy; Madison Avenue; In Fashion; LA Life; American Way; Delta Sky; Frontier; Southwest Spirit; Delta Sky; Cosmopolitan; Vogue; Seventeen; Women's Wear Daily; Mademoiselle; Advertising Age; The Advocate; Retail Week; Drug Store news; Beverly Hills People; Newsweek; Time; and he has appeared on the Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. He also was a guest on AM New York; AM Chicago; AM Los Angeles; Sally Jessie Raphael; CNN; Good Day New York; CBS News, ABC News, NBC News; David Suskind; and over 200 local radio shows.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   

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